BIGTREETECH SKR 3 32 bit Motherboard EZ2209


BIGTREETECH SKR 3 32 bit Motherboard EZ2209

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BIGTREETECH SKR 3 is a 32-bit motherboard designed for 3D printer, which launched by 3D printing team of Shenzhen Big Tree Technology Co., Ltd. It is upgrade of SKR V1.4/Turbo.


– Features

1) 32-bit 480MHz ARM-class Cortex-M7 series main control chip STM32H743VIT6, with better performance.

2) With power supply chip TPS5450-5A, DC12/24V power input, output current up to 5A/6A, perfect power     supply for Raspberry Pi

3) With resume printing, filament break detection, auto shut down, BLtouch, RGB light and other functions.

4) On-board EEPROM, convenient for customers to adjust and save parameters.

5) As for CNC fan,there is24V, 12V, 5V voltage selection of the external power supply module , easy to operation,    avoid damage to the motherboard.

6) WIFI module (ESP12S, ESP-07, ESP32) common interface for customers to DIY and use RRF firmware.



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