Bondtech HeatLink JST XHP-2

Bondtech HeatLink JST XHP-2

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Plug & Play Interface Cable – JST XHP-2

  • 50mm Interface cable with
  • Molex micro-fit 3.0 male connector on one end
  • JST XHP-2 connector on the other.
  • Packed in plastic bag.
  • Bondtech HeatLink cable with JST XHP-2 connector

    To connect 300°C thermistors to

    • Creality Ender-3
    • Creality Ender-3 Pro
    • Creality Ender-3 V2
    • Creality CR-10
    • Creality CR-10 mini
    • Creality CR-10 s
    • Creality CR-10 s4
    • Creality CR-10 s5
    • Creality CR-5 Pro
    • Creality CR-6 SE
    • Creality CR-6 Max
    • Creality CR-X
    • Creality Ender-6


    To connect 50W heaters to

    • Creality CR-6 SE
    • Creality CR-6 Max
    • Creality Ender-6
    • Ready to use on ( at least ) 25 different Creality and Prusa models.Pair a Bondtech thermistor or heater with a HeatLink interface cable to plug into any printer without soldering or crimping.Each Interface Cable is 50mm long and will fit entirely inside the control box.
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