Hodetelefon DAC med usb-c kontakt


Hodetelefon DAC med usb-c kontakt

670 kr

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Keysion Chip model:CS43131+SA9312L PCM decoding capability:32bits/384KHz Signal to noise ratio/SNR:>127dB Dynamic range/DNR: >120dB Distortion/THD+N: <0.00028% Frequency response/FR:5Hz-40KHz+/-0.5dB DSD decoding:DSD 60-256

1. Can be compatible with most of the Android phones which has TYPE C interface on the market. Please make sure that you have turned the “OTG function” and “USB debugging mode” on of your android phone, can find these two switches under “developer options” on your phone first. 2. This is a plug-and-play device on the for Apple computer system (Type-c port), please select it as the default audio output device in the «MIDI device» after connecting the product. (In this case, does not support DSD music, supports PCM music) 3. Can work directly on windows system which is later than WINDOWS 10 (version 1703) without installing any USB audio driver, Support plug and play.

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