Keyestudio EASY Plug Learning Kit


Keyestudio EASY Plug Learning Kit

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New Keyestudio EASY Plug Learning Kit for Arduino Starters

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EASY plug starter kit for Arduino Based on open-source hardware 19 various sensors in one box For you to make interesting projects
1. Summary: What about you and your kids being makers? What about getting creative and making your ideas come true? Well, let’s get started right away! EASY plug learning kit is developed not only for professional electronic enthusiasts, but also for friends in other lines of work. Even if you have no electronics related knowledge, you can use it to realize your ideas as long as you want to. The tutorial of this kit has fully considered the learning interest of beginners. Starting from the basics to more complex lessons, well-arranged content and a connection diagram for every lesson help you get started easily and quickly in learning Arduino. Its unique EASY plug interface makes the wire connection easier than ever! You never have to worry about wrong connection or complicated soldering, avoiding component damage due to wrong wiring or wrong soldering. It’s both safe and environmental-friendly.
2. Kist list: 1.EASY plug controller Board *1 2.Acrylic Board + Copper bush set *1 3.EASY plug cable *3 4.USB cable *1 5.EASY plug Digital White LED Module *1 6.EASY plug Active Buzzer Module *1 7.EASY plug Passive Buzzer Module *1 8.EASY plug Analog Temperature Sensor*1 9.EASY plug Analog Sound Sensor *1 10.EASY plug Photocell Sensor *1 11.EASY plug Water Sensor *1 12.EASY plug Soil humidity Sensor *1 13.EASY plug Analog Rotation Sensor *1 14.EASY plug Hall Magnetic Sensor *1 15.EASY plug Collision Sensor *1 16.EASY plug Digital Push Button *1 17.EASY plug Capacitive Touch Sensor *1 18.EASY plug Knock Sensor *1 19.EASY plug Digital Tilt Sensor *1 20.EASY plug Flame Sensor *1 21.EASY plug Vibration Sensor *1 22.EASY plug Reed Switch Module *1 23.EASY plug LM35 Temperature Sensor *1
3. Lesson list 1. Hello world 2. Who’s blinking 3. Visible breath 4. Flowing light 5. Make a sound 6. Who’s singing 7. Temperature measuring 8. Make a sound-controlled lamp 9. Make a light-controlled lamp 10. Water level alarm 11. I’m thirsty 12. Visible analog value 13. Magnetic field detecting 14. Collision detecting 15. Button-controlled lamp 16. Touch alarm 17. Knock Sensing 18. Tilt Sensor 19. Fire alarm 20. Vibration alarm 21. Magnetic field detector 22. Temperature alarm

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