Keyestudio Sensor Kit UNO R3


Keyestudio Sensor Kit UNO R3

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Keyestudio Sensor Kit- K3 with UNO R3 board for MCU starters+PDF

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This Sensor Kit is an Aduino stater learning kit developed by Keyes. We provide detailed tutorials for each project or sensor module, including connection diagrams and sample codes, with which you will find it easy for you to complete every experiments. Besides, you can also find video tutorials of this kit on our official website.
Kit list: UNO R3 controller board *1 3W LED Module *1 Push Button module *1 Analog temperature sensor Module *1 DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor module *1 Sound sensor module *1 Flame sensor module *1 Vibration sensor module *1 DS3231 Clock Module *1 MQ135 Air Quality Sensor module *1 Color sensor module *1 Potentiometer 10K *2 Passive buzzer *1 Active buzzer *1 830-hole Breadboard *1 Resistor 330R *10 Resistor 1K *10 Resistor 10K *10 LED Red *5 LED Yellow *5 LED Green *5 Button *4 Button cap Blue *2 Button cap Yellow *2 Jumper wire *65 M-F Dupont wire 20cm *10 Resistor color code card *1 USB cable 0.5m *1 Component box *1
Project list: Project 1: Hello World Project 2: LED blinking Project 3: PWM Project 4: Traffic light Project 5: LED chasing effect Project 6: Button-controlled LED Project 7: Responder experiment Project 8: Active buzzer Project 9: Passive buzzer Project 10: 3W LED Module Project 11: Digital Push Button Project 12: Analog temperature sensor Project 13: DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Project 14: Analog Sound Sensor Project 15: Flame Sensor Project 16: Vibration Sensor Project 17: DS3231 Clock Module Project 18: keyestudio MQ135 Air Quality Sensor Project 19: Color Sensor

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