Lab PTFE plug 24


Lab PTFE plug 24

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Lab PTFE plug 24# PTFE solid stopper fit for stirring rod

Type: plug (fit for daimeter 7mm stirring rod)

1.High temperature resistant: the work temperature can reach 250 ℃.
2.Corrosion resistant: For most chemicals and solvents, they are inert, capable of strong acid, alkali, water and various organic solvents.
3.High lubrication: Is the lowest friction coefficient in solid materials.
4.Low temperature resistant: have good mechanical toughness, even if the temperature drops to -196 ℃, also can keep 5% elongation.
5.Not adhesion:The smallest surface tension in a solid material is free of any substance.
6.Resistance to climate: Long exposure to the atmosphere, surface and performance remains unchanged, with the best aging life in B06B plastics.
7.Non-toxic: It has the physiological inertia, as the artificial blood vessel and viscera long implantation in the body without adverse reactions.

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