LERDGE 3D Printer Power Monitoring Module

LERDGE 3D Printer Power Monitoring Module

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LERDGE 3D Printer Power Monitoring Module Continued to Play Printing Automatically Put off Management Module for Lerdge Board

Note: This module should be used with the Lerdge Motherboard, so you need to buy one if you don’t have. This link of the module is for spare purpose.
Product Description: The power monitoring module, used with Lerdge 3D printer motherboard, can achieve power continued to play, automatically turning off after the printing finished, the software control the power off, monitor the power status and other functions. It can help to achieve interactive printing, and to help in the cases like the unexpected power off or you have to leave during the printing, and other similar issues, considered to be one of the most useful features in 3D printers.
Notice on the power continued to play function: In the case of accidental power failure, the system can detecte that situation immediately by this module. But saving the data in this power off moment takes about 1 to 2 seconds to deal with. Most of the switching power supply in the market have enough power to support the system to save the data after the electricity disconnected. But there are also some power supply may not be able to provide the required power to save, which may result in a failed save, and cannot achieve continue printing where it stopped. In this case, users need to switch to higher power supply, or use back-up power supply.
(Most of the similar products in the market are called the power to continue to play module, but strictly speaking, it’s not rigorous. Actually, more accurate name is power monitoring module.) The similar products in the market are of the same principle, due to the power capacity, the data cannot be 100% saved successfully when accidental power failure happens.
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