Makerbase MKS TFT70 7.0 inch Touch Screen

Makerbase MKS TFT70 7.0 inch Touch Screen

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MKS TFT70 7.0 inch Touch Screen 3D Printer Display Printing

Introducing the MKS TFT70 V1.0: Your Ultimate 3D Printing Companion

Experience the future of 3D printing with the MKS TFT70 V1.0, meticulously crafted and perfected by the Makerbase team. Unleash your creativity with its remarkable 7.0-inch touch screen display, streamlined user interface, and a multitude of innovative features. Get ready to explore a new dimension of printing possibilities.

Key Highlights:

  • Multi-Language Accessibility: Seamlessly switch between seven languages on-the-fly, ensuring a user experience that suits your preferences.
  • Gcode Model Preview: Witness your creations come to life before printing. With the capability to preview Gcode models and display model photos during printing, you’ll have unprecedented control over your projects.
  • Cutting-Edge Processing: Powered by a 32-bit ARM chip, the MKS TFT70 delivers exceptional performance as a CPU, paving the way for swift and seamless printing operations.
  • Sleek 7.0-Inch Touch Screen: The 7.0-inch touch screen offers a captivating visual interface that’s both user-friendly and highly responsive, elevating your interaction with your printer.
  • Wireless Control: Seamlessly connect to your 3D printer through the integrated WIFI module. Take charge using the mobile app on Android and IOS, or manage it from your computer’s web browser.
  • Effortless Configuration Upgrades: Keep your printer up to date effortlessly by upgrading configurations via the convenient SD card interface. Stay current with ease.
  • Customizable Boot Logo and Buttons: Infuse your personal touch into your printing journey. Tailor the booting logo and button designs to align with your unique style.
  • Enhanced Printing Functions: Benefit from advanced features such as print resumption after a breakpoint, power outage recovery, filament outage detection, and automatic shutdown upon completion.
  • Firmware Compatibility: The MKS TFT70 supports Marlin, Repetier, and Smoothieware firmware, offering flexibility and versatility for your printing needs.
  • Perfect Pairing: Designed to seamlessly integrate with MKS Gen L boards, the MKS TFT70 V1.0 unlocks a realm of possibilities for your 3D printing endeavors.Elevate your 3D printing experience with the MKS TFT70 V1.0. It’s not just a display – it’s your gateway to innovation.
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