OPENSMART Pro Mini UNO Shield Adapter Board

OPENSMART Pro Mini UNO Shield Adapter Board

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Pro Mini UNO Shield Adapter Board w/ Regulator / Fuse for Arduino

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OPEN-SMART Shield Adapter Board for Pro Mini with Regulator to Connect with Module and Shield Compatible for Arduino

– Dedicated for the Pro Mini board and other compatible board.
– More convenient to connect the peripheral module to Pro Mini board.
– The pin definitions is compatible for Arduino.
– Use multi-color female header so that the interface is easy to identify and particularly noticeable.
– Onboard 500mA resettable fuse to protect power supply from the USB port and the DC jack at the same time.
– Leads out more GND, 5V pins, UART serial interface and I2C interface, so it is more convenient to connect it to peripheral modules without additional IO expansion shield.
– Onboard 5V and 3.3V voltage regulator circuit
– Onboard DC jack socket and it can be powered by an external battery so it allows you to show your projects in the outdoor without the PC.
– Working voltage: 5V
– Working current: 500mA (Max)
– External input voltage: 7-12VDC

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