Raspberry pi pico ferdig lodda utgave


Raspberry pi pico ferdig lodda utgave

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USB kabel er inkludert i Pi Pico pakke

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RASPBERRY Pi pico Color Encoded Pin Header sett med USB kabel, fra Waveshare, ikke Wifi på de her.

Raspberry Pi Pico, A Low-Cost, High-Performance Microcontroller Board With Flexible Digital Interfaces

a tiny, fast, and versatile microcontroller board

Built Using RP2040 Microcontroller Chip Designed By Raspberry Pi

Board Specifications

Raspberry Pi Picois a low-cost, high-performance microcontroller board with flexible digital interfaces. It incorporates Raspberry Pi’s ownRP2040 microcontroller chip, with dual-core Arm Cortex M0+ processor running up to 133 MHz, embedded 264KB of SRAM and 2MB of on-board Flash memory, as well as 26x multi-function GPIO pins.

For software development, either Raspberry Pi’s C/C++ SDK, or the MicroPython is available. There’re also complete development resources and tutorials to help you get started easily, and integrate it into end products quickly.

Key features include:

  • RP2040 microcontroller chip designed by Raspberry Pi in the United Kingdom
  • Dual-core Arm Cortex M0+ processor, flexible clock running up to 133 MHz
  • 264KB of SRAM, and 2MB of on-board Flash memory
  • Castellated module allows soldering direct to carrier boards
  • USB 1.1 with device and host support
  • Low-power sleep and dormant modes
  • Drag-and-drop programming using mass storage over USB
  • 26 × multi-function GPIO pins
  • 2 × SPI, 2 × I2C, 2 × UART, 3 × 12-bit ADC, 16 × controllable PWM channels
  • Accurate clock and timer on-chip
  • Temperature sensor
  • Accelerated floating-point libraries on-chip
  • 8 × Programmable I/O (PIO) state machines for custom peripheral support
Selection Guide

Pre-Soldered Development Kits Are Also Available Besides The Original Pico

C/C++,MicroPython Support

Comprehensive SDK, Dev Resources, Tutorials To Help You Easily Get Started

Dual-Core Arm Processor

Dual-Core Arm Cortex M0+ Processor, Flexible Clock Running Up To 133 MHz

26 × Multi-Function GPIO Pins

Configurable Pin Function, Allows Flexible Development And Integration

Outline Dimensions
Resources & Services
Wiki: www.waveshare.com/wiki/Raspberry_Pi_Pico,www.waveshare.com/wiki/Raspberry-Pi-Pico-Sensor-Kit

Weight: 0.053 kg

In additional to the original Raspberry Pi Pico, we also carry pre-soldered development kits for your convenience, please select the proper one before adding to cart.

Raspberry Pi Pico Original

  1. Raspberry Pi Pico x1


  1. Raspberry Pi Pico with pre-soldered header (mono) x1
  2. 1*3PIN yellow pin header x1
  3. USB-A to micro-B cable x1


  1. Raspberry Pi Pico with pre-soldered header (color-coded) x1
  2. 1*3PIN yellow pin header x1
  3. USB-A to micro-B cable x1


  1. Raspberry Pi Pico with pre-soldered header (mono) x1
  2. 1*3PIN yellow pin header x1
  3. Breadboard x1
  4. USB-A to micro-B cable x1
  5. Jumper wires x1


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