R&D MT68 Fuktmåler

R&D MT68 Fuktmåler

799 kr


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Moisture measurement range: 0-100

Measurement error: ±2.5%

Measured depth 5-40mm(0.2-1.57inch)

Auto Power Off Trigger 30 minutes of inactivity

Storage Temperature   0~45°C

Weight:160g (5.6oz)

Power Source:3x “AAA» battery(battery not include)


-Kindly Reminder-

It should be noted, Before starting calibration, keep the machine away from the body and any objects, including metal, wood, or even walls.

Identify potential moisture problems up to 40 mm (2 in) below the surface. Check for moisture on or below the surface of wall, carpets, ceilings, and sub-floors. It can help contractors, woodworkers, and homeowners on wood, drywall, and concrete projects. In addition, the
current reading can be recorded via hold function.

The MT68 comes with flashlight and moisture indicator allows you to quickly and easily detect surface moisture in darkness various materials and locate moisture distribution in the wall, floor or ceiling in a time-saving manner.

The MT68 is not only ready to use immediately, it also impresses with fast response times during measurement and displays helpful additional information such as minimum and maximum values on the easy-to-read display with backlight.

Finally, the machine can adjust the humidity alarm value according to the your needs, After all you knows the real working environment the most.

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