RTC batteri for Raspberry Pi 5

RTC batteri for Raspberry Pi 5

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The Raspberry Pi 5 is the first Raspberry Pi with an RTC (real-time clock).
Is your hamster wheel not spinning as fast as it used to? Were your solar panels surprisingly plunged into a polar night this year, too? Or did a backhoe accidentally cut your power?
Fear not. With this RTC battery from Raspberry Pi, your Pi will still know what time it is when power returns and it wakes up. So data logging will work, certificates will check out, etc.
Automatically charged by the Raspberry Pi, this Panasonic ML-2020 Lithium Manganese battery has a capacity of 45mAh. Simply connect it to the BAT connector next to the USB-C port and you are good to go!

Please note that this is not a UPS, it will not power your Raspberry Pi. Only the RTC clock.

Add this battery to your Raspberry Pi 5 to power the clock while main power is disconnected.

Panasonic ML-2020 battery included in the product.

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