Silent fan 4010 24v


Silent fan 4010 24v

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4010 Silent Axial Cooling Fan for 3D Printer
Silent and low noise
Efficient heat dissipation

Easy replacement

Precise temperature measurement|Excellent cooling system

24V-hydraulic fluid 4800r/min
Special for 3D printer
Quick heat dissipation  Low noise   Dust proof maglev
Precise temperature measurement Excellent cooling system With systematic thermal analysis and effective cooling system , thesilent axial cooling fan is excellent in quick heat dissipation . Thetemperature measuring function makes it possible for more accurate cooling in real time.
Low noise , silent printingEnjoy real silent 3D printing The fan is running at low speed after being activated at a low voltstart voltage , delivering great performance in silent cooling and quickheat dissipation.
Dust proof maglev designwith dust-proof functionThe seamless blind hole design and sealing structure of main partscan prevent the stator and blades from shifting and falling off , andalso have excellent dust barrier effect.
Strong compatibilityand widely useCompatible with most CREALITY 3D printers , convenient replacementsimple installation , good user experience
Strong wind Low power consumption Combined with micro motor technology and mechanical structure ,it creates the maximum space of blades and flow channels , and4800 times / min at high speed and for a long time.

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