TL Smoother Plus

TL Smoother Plus

85 kr

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This is the Trianglelab TL-Smoother Plus an addon module for 3D printer stepper motor drivers. Pris pr stk med kabel med til hver.
The board provides flyback diodes (freewheeling diodes) for the motor outputs, so that they are also protected against induction voltages in the unpowered state of the driver. Non-dampened induction voltages cause the stepper motor rotor to move incorrectly which causes artifacts to show up on the 3D Printer’s printed object (see photos for examples).  Installing the TL Smoother module between the controller board stepper motor driver and the stepper motor dampens the induced voltages resulting in a much smoother functioning stepper motor. Smoothing out the stepper motor results in much smoother printing results.
You will get smoother movement especially on the delta-style 3Dprinter under DVR8825 stepper drivers A4988 drivers and others.
Lower vibration lower noise  resulting in much smoother results!
TL-Smoother modules, Connecting Wiring and plastic sleeves for insulation when installed in controller case.

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