Wireless Air Duster 2in1


Wireless Air Duster 2in1

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• 2-in-1 Functionality :This portable compressed air duster doubles as a vacuum cleaner, making it a versatile tool for cleaning your computer, car, and other areas.

• Cordless Convenience :With no cords to worry about, this air blower and vacuum cleaner is easy to use and can be taken anywhere.

• 3 Speed Settings :Choose from three different speed settings to adjust the power of the air blower and vacuum cleaner to suit your cleaning needs.

• Efficient Cleaning :The powerful air blower and vacuum cleaner effectively removes dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas, leaving your computer, car, and other surfaces spotless.

Power supply: DC5V 2A
Power: 100W
Motor speed: 50000rpm
Battery capacity: 7500mAh
Charging time: about 3H-4.5H
Use time: first gear: about 1H; second gear: about 0.8H,Third gear: about 0.5H
Material: ABS PP
Decibel: <80dB
Single unit weight: about 580g
Product size: about 16.5*9.8*5.7cm
Charging interface: Typ-C interface
Charging current: 5V/2A

Portable, Powerful, and Multi-purpose Air Duster

No Chemicals!

No greenhouse gases!

No fear of inhalant abuse.

Can be used continually for 30 minutes and will never freeze-up or cause frostbite.

No chemical residue danger to sensitive electronics.

The air duster does not produce any pollution.

Wide range of usability in every narrow and corner place

Package List:

1 * Air Duster
1* Vacuum attachment
1 * USB Cable(Adapter not included)
6 * nozzles
1 * User Manual
1 * Brush



3. The display cannot be on for a long time (because the reverse charging function will cause the fuselage to heat up) to avoid causing damage to the fuselage;

4. If the product is not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge it every 3 months to avoid battery damage.


Digital display: it is very clear to use the gear and the capacity of the battery

This air duster is a gadget perfectly designed to clean your bumpy keyboards full of crannies. The super strong thrust of air can blow away the hidden dirt and go deep into the narrowest. A safe way to clean your keyboard without worrying about any chemical left behind when you type on it after the cleaning.

Cordless and compact-sized handy designs that allows you carry it around easily; In addition, our air duster & vacuum comes with 6 nozzles, one for blower mode, and another for vacuum mode that allows you use the duster for car, computer, keyboard, camera, electronics, pet hair …… etc.

All-metal pressurized cylinder low current direct drive structure, surging power and stable operation

Equipped with 2-in-1 dual modes of blowing and suction. You can blow out the dirt that deeply cleaning even microscopic dirt particles from every corner of your computer or any other device, and then suck them away. Keeping the surface free of dirt. Its cleaning is more powerful and convenient.

Compared with other brand products, our product has more advantages, with greater wind power; it not only has the function of a vacuum cleaner, but can also charge mobile phones; it has 3 different LED modes and has the function of reminding cars coming from behind (red and white lights cross-flash) ;Three wind speeds allow you to use it in more scenarios.

Three LED modes, suitable for various scene modes.

TYPE-C charging port and USB reverse charging function (can charge mobile phones).

Equipped with a variety of air nozzles and vacuum accessories, it can be used on sofas, cushions, plush toys, keyboards, computer hosts, cars, etc. The filter can be rinsed and used repeatedly, saving you money.

10W Fast Charging

This rechargeable Air Duster can be charged with multiple USB-powered devices,at the same time, it has the function of reverse charging.


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