Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint Sensor

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Optical Fingerprint Reader Fingerprint lock Sensor Module for Arduino uno r3 etc.

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Secure your project with biometrics – this all-in-one optical fingerprint sensor will make adding fingerprint detection and verification super simple. These modules are typically used in safes – there’s a high powered DSP chip that does the image rendering, calculation, feature-finding and searching. Connect to any microcontroller or system with TTL serial, and send packets of data to take photos, detect prints, hash and search. You can also enroll new fingers directly – up to 162 finger prints can be stored in the onboard FLASH memory. There’s a red LED in the lens that lights up during a photo so you know its working. There are basically two requirements for using the optical fingerprint sensor. First is you’ll need to enroll fingerprints – that means assigning ID #’s to each print so you can query them later. Once you’ve enrolled all your prints, you can easily ‘search’ the sensor, asking it to identify which ID (if any) is currently being photographed.
Supply voltage: DC 3.6 ~ 6.0V / 3.3V Supplying Supply Current: Current: <120ma peak=»» current:=»» 140ma=»» fingerprint=»» image=»» time:=»» 1=»» 0=»» seconds=»» window=»» size:=»» 14=»» 18=»» mm=»» matching=»» mode:=»» match=»» mode=»» 1:1=»» search=»» 1:=»» n=»6,» signature=»» file:=»» 256=»» bytes=»» template=»» files:=»» 512=»» storage=»» capacity:=»» 000=»» safety=»» level:=»» five=»» from=»» low=»» to=»» high:=»» 2=»» 3=»» 4=»» 5=»» false=»» accept=»» rate=»» far=»» :=»» 001=»» security=»» level=»» reject=»» frr=»» 1:500=»» the=»» mean=»» pc=»» interface:=»» uart=»» ttl=»» logic=»» or=»» usb2=»» usb1=»» communication=»» baud=»» 9600=»» bps=»» where=»» 12=»» default=»» value=»» ie=»» 57600bps=»» working=»» environment:=»» temperature:=»» -20=»» -=»» 50=»» relative=»» humidity:=»» 40=»» rh-85=»» rh=»» non-condensing=»» -40=»» 85=»» h=»» dimensions=»» l=»» w=»» split:=»» sensor:=»» 56=»» 20=»» 21=»» 5mm=»» -one:=»» span=»» id=»mce_marker» data-mce-type=»bookmark»>È
Hardware connection: Module via a serial communication interface, directly with 3.3V or 5V power microcontroller communication: Module data transmission feet (2 Foot TD) connected to the data bit machine receiving end (RXD), data receiver module feet (3 feet RD) connected to the data sender bit machine (TXD). For the RS-232 level (for example: PC machine) for PC communication, increase the level conversion between the module and the host computer Circuitry (e.g.: MAX232 circuit)

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