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brief introduction
Uno Pro4M adds 4 motor drivers and a JDY33 wireless Bluetooth module on top of Uno R3, with an interface type of XH2.54-2P for the motor.
#Product parameters
Processor: Uno Pro4M adopts Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontroller ATmega328P as the main processor, with high performance and low power consumption.
Clock frequency: Uno Pro4M has a clock frequency of 16 MHz, providing fast and reliable computing power.
Digital I/O pins: Uno Pro4M has 14 digital input/output pins (6 of which can be used as PWM outputs) for connecting various external devices and sensors.
Analog input pins: Uno Pro4M has 6 analog input pins that can be used to read analog signals, such as temperature, light, etc.
Memory: Uno Pro4M has 32KB of flash program storage space for storing user written programs, as well as 2KB of SRAM and 1KB of EEPROM.
Communication interface: Uno Pro4M supports serial communication (through USB interface) and common communication protocols such as I2C and SPI, facilitating data interaction with other devices.
Bluetooth: Uno Pro4M supports Bluetooth communication.
Input voltage: USB5V, DC6-12V
Output voltage: 3.3V-5V
Development environment: Arduino, Mind+, Mixly, etc.

SN Pin Name Function Description
1 D0 digital input/output pin
2 D1 digital input/output pins
3 D2 digital input/output pins
4 D3 M1 motor forward rotation
5 D4 M4 motor forward rotation (unable to adjust speed)
6 D5 M2 motor forward rotation
7 D6 M2 motor reverse
8 D7 M4 motor reverse (unable to adjust speed)
9 D8 digital input/output pins
10 D9 M3 motor forward rotation
11 D10 M3 motor reverse
12 D11 M1 motor reverse
13 D12 digital input/output pins
14 D13 digital input/output pins
15 A0 analog input pin
16 A1 analog input pin
17 A2 analog input pin
18 A3 analog input pin
19 A4 analog input pin, also used as SDA pin for I2C bus
20 A5 analog input pin, also used as SCL pin for I2C bus
21 5V 5V power supply pins
22 3.3V 3.3V power supply pin
23 GND ground pin
24 RESET reset pin

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