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USBASP USB AVR ISP Programmer 10Pin For ATMEL ATmega ATtiny

First, the module description:
1, onboard new original imported ATMega8A-AU chip
2, with power and programming two indicators
3, onboard 500mA overcurrent protection self-recovery fuse
4, support 5V and 3.3V power supply to the target board
No need to install drivers
The new latest self-applied automatic speed control.
Applicable to WIN8.1/8/7/XP 32-bit/64-bit, system computer.
The product can be directly connected to the computer’s USB port. The real USB downloader product can connect to the target board through it, and can be downloaded and programmed for use. It is especially suitable for laptops and desktop computers, and can be downloaded and debugged through the USB port.

Second, the features of this downloader:
1. Support AT89S51/52 single chip microcomputer
2. Support all AVR chips of AVR.
3. The output port is a For ATMEL standard port.
4. There is USB power supply and the target board supports the target voltage of 5V, which can be selected by jumper cap connection.
5. AUTOSPEED automatic speed control firmware, the downloader will automatically track the chip frequency to be programmed, automatically change the speed to achieve automatic speed regulation.
6. Reserved MOSI, MISO, RET, SCK, VCC, GND. 6PIN interface, convenient for users to connect to the target board as needed.
7. Reserve the PROGRAMMING programming interface, users can upgrade the downloader firmware by themselves.
Programming software: AVR_fighter, PROGISP1.66, PROGISP1.67, PROGISP1.68 Compile lower or higher software, and burn it all at once, very convenient.

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